StraBI Consult Forretningsudvikling, Synergirealisering, M&A

Customer :Anonym
Category :StraBI Broker; værdiacceleration
Date :21 februar, 2020
Status :Afleveret
TypeIndustriel Produktion
Tags :Forretningsudvikling, synergirealisering, M&A
StraBI Broker

A new client wanted a reality check of a newly developed strategy. The Strategy was internally conducted, based on knowledge and experience. Not Strategy as design.

The client wanted to develop the company valuation 


The Client wanted to trade the company in a 3-5-year period


StraBI Broker – agreement

StraBI performer an unbiased outside-in target screening, and conducted a strategy based in business analysis, Competitive monitoring, and market analysis.

The company valuation 

The strategy was developed, focusing on three stages using McKinsey’s Three Horizons of Growth

Horizon 1: Maintain & Defend Core Business

Horizon 2: Nurture Emerging Business

Horizon 3: Create Genuinely New Business

All stages were based on what effected the company valuation.

The company trade

StraBI Consult Searched for a strategic buyer with a match for the profile of the company.


The Company Valuation:

200% economic value-added.

The Company trade

The company were traded in less than 12 months.

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